• Friday Focus – November 21

    Over here in my part of the US MidWest we have had our first snow of the season - a reminder that winter really is approaching fast! It's also the time where many people's thoughts turn to present buying - and what better than YOUR book or publication!
  • The Watered Meadow

    Here are some questions for you: Anyone can write… but can they communicate your message? Some people write well… but can they really engage your readership? A handful may write beautifully… but can they sell your idea, product, service or story?
  • Friday Focus – The Sky is Falling

    This week, I'm prompted to consider the question of the Future of The Book - or, as friends of Chicken Little might have asked, is the sky really falling? What prompts these musings is this really interesting essay in The Economist. (It's also quite fitting to the topic that the article can be read in a number of different formats - scrolling screen, book or audio.)
  • Embrace your creativity

    An otherwise intelligent and articulate person would be presenting at a meeting, and they would have their Powerpoint presentation. The trouble was, the graphics were the exact same ones we'd seen at 59 other presentations, there would often be pages of script that we could as easily have read in an email,
  • Friday Focus – Happy Halloween

    It's good to be back this week in the quiet of my office after a couple of weeks of family visits and general mayhem, including giving up my office to be a bedroom. It's nice, but also kind of spooky; I'd not remembered just HOW quiet my office is! And, when I went to the Todays Visions main page, the "fun" halloween things there just about freaked me out! (But do check it out if you haven't already done so).
  • It’s all made up!

    help_bookI happened upon an article in the HuffPost books section called "How To Be Good At Writing Bad Characters". Now, I currently write non-fiction, so this has no interest to me - or does it? As I read it I realized that, even though all my characters are "real", they are also created by me; let me explain.
  • Who are you? Author photos

    Back in my Social Media days, we were taught that a profile picture should be face on, no background distraction, sharp and in focus. A lot of that is true for an author profile picture, but here I think we can be allowed to be more creative - within reason! It should certainly be close up enough to show your face, and be sharp and professional, but can also also show something about our personality and uniqueness.
  • Plan to win

    grammar_mattersThere was an interesting article in Publishers Weekly recently, Advice for New Indie Authors from Self-Publishing Veterans. Whilst the contributors gave different advice, I found it interesting that it could really be summed up as define your goals and don’t rush.
  • Friday Focus: October 3

    October is here, and, at least on my part of the world, Fall is definitely in the air. Following fall comes.......... Christmas. CAn you imagine how many people would love to give your book for a Christmas present? If you haven't started already, now is a great time to promote your work for the Christmas market; time is a wasting, so get those ideas flowing!
  • Do I need a Facebook Page?

    One thing many authors and artists will think about is a Facebook Page (or fan page as it used to be called). But how do I go about it, and is it worth it?
  • YouTube for real – 5 Key things you need to know.

    YouTube allows you to describe your work in your own words, and add a face to your writing. You may want to speak to camera (really, it’s not as frightening as that!), or generate a slideshow of pictures. For example, if you have written a about a particular location, a video of you talking about it, with pictures of that place, will add to your audience’s interest. Or, if you are talking to camera you create your own personal impression; potential buyers will see you as a real person, not just some anonymous author.
  • Google+ for real – Five things you need to know

    Your Google "profile" should be thought if as your "about" page on Google+. New contacts will click on your profile to find out who you are and what you are about. So make sure it has an appropriate profile picture, an interesting cover picture and a "good" description. Google+ also allows you to complete a large selection of data about yourself, including links to the things you are a "contributor to." This is an interesting section I find, as it shows what the person is interested by what they actually do, rather than what they say they do!